How can we help find solutions?

Jubilee Resource Community Ltd was established in 2014 as a social investment enterprise whose vision is to facilitate sustainable social transformation in the built environment. We aim to assist charities, churches and community organisations realise the potential of their assets; breaking the cycle of debt and releasing resources for community development work. Jubilee will help support the vision of the organisations we work with by enabling the creation of sustainable financial models and increasing the capital value of their properties, partnering with our clients in attracting external investment and fundraising in order to get our developments off the ground and seen through to completion. 

Our Extra Resources

National Resources

One of the benefits of working with Jubilee Resource is that it is nationally connected with community organisations, churches and partnerships. This means that whatever work we are doing locally, we can pull on extensive national connections to assist with ideas and solutions for the locality. Jubilee works mostly in London and surrounding counties, but can assist in developments further afield by connecting organisations with a similar ethos and vision.

Community Building

Jubilee wants to work with rather than for our clients. Our job is to realise the vision of organisations wanting to make a positive difference to housing and community spaces by designing and building something that will facilitate that vision. We aim to balance our own ideas (informed by over 25-30 years of building community infrastructure) with grass-roots research into what will enhance the ‘common good’ in a particular area.

Local networks

In order to achieve our vision, it is important that we know what other local resources and organisations exist with similar aims to Jubilee. We will draw on our extensive history of community partnerships and relationship with local authorities to remain up-to-date with other community-based work in relevant areas.

Financial strategies

We work with social impact finance experts and organisations to raise the money for all the projects we embark on. We are aware that some churches and organisations have already established some funds, and we are happy to work with whatever stage the project has managed to get to financially. We also work with recognised financial modelling consultants to ascertain the best route to a debt free and ‘resource rich’ end result. Once developments are built, the ongoing maintenance and running costs can still be overwhelming. It is therefore our aim to design both sustainable and innovative projects. Our strap line is “Break the Debt, Release the Resource”. We are constantly analysing our models and building techniques to re-direct all surplus profit back into the community. As our passion is to ‘release’ as much as possible into the community we take an agreed fee for our management costs but not a percentage developers fee.