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Jubilee Community Resources Ltd is a social enterprise whose vision is to enable and facilitate ‘Social and sustainable Transformations’ in the Built and Community Environment, and to assist Charities, Churches and Community Organisations realise the potential of their assets. We look to increase the capital value of the organisation’s property and facilitate the creation of sustainable financial models to support the vision of the churches/charities/community groups we work with. We have a clear understanding of ‘Vision casting’ and are familiar with the pressures and complications of working in the community context. We want to work with our partners to make something happen that would otherwise require a significant amount of investment and resourcing which may not be possible or desirable for certain community, church and charitable organisations.We will partner with the organisation to develop their assets and will raise capital from individuals and organisations supportive of their vision and mission, to fund the development of the specified project. .

Our Extra Resources

National Resources

One of the assets of working with Jubilee resource is that it is nationally connected to community organisation, churches and multiple partnerships.This means that whatever work it is doing locally with a church or community organisation, it can pull on its’ extensive national connections to assist with ideas and solutions for the locality. Jubilee works mostly in the London and surrounding counties, but can also assist in partnerships and buildings that are further afield with passing on relationships and organisations that have a similar ethos and vision.

Community Building

Community building is working with rather than working for local partnerships. Our job is to realise the vision of the community and its’ desire to make a difference to housing and community facilities and then to design and build something that will facilitate that vision. We add our own skills and ideas that we have  have gained over 25-30 years of building community infrastructure and listening to the needs and desires and what will make a better future for the ‘common good’ in that area.

Local networks

In order to understand how best to facilitate a local development, it is important to know what is around as far as resources, ideas and similar community visions. We draw on an extensive and long history of having worked with community  partnerships, local authorities and many other networked expressions in the London area. In places where we have no relationship, we usually have contacts that do, so we are happy and excited to help churches and community projects draw on the best possible resources to enact the vision they see for the development and transformation of their communities.  

Financial strategies

There is a growing expertise in the financial area, but it can sometimes seem an uphill task to develop a new project, pull everyone together and then have to raise all the finance. We work with social impact finance experts and organisations to raise the money for all the projects we embark on. We are aware that some churches and organisations have already established some funds and money, so we are happy to work with whatever stage the project has managed to get to financially. We also work with recognised financial modelling consultants to ascertain the best possible solution to be ‘debt free’ and ‘resources rich’. Our strap line is “Break the Debt…. Release the resource”. We are constantly analysing both our models as well as our building techniques to re-direct all the available profit back in to the community and not into our profit sheet. We take a fee for our management costs but do not take a percentage developers fee, as our passion and desire is to release not to gather the resources and assets developed.

Environmental Design

Building ideas and designs are constantly evolving. As one of our partners in the company is an architect, we are diligent at looking at new cost effective and environmentally friendly building processes and construction techniques. Once property and community resources are built , the cost can still be overwhelming as regards the ongoing maintenance and running costs. It is therefore our aim to work with the local partnership to look and design what will be both a sustainable as well as innovative project. As we are a relatively small and cost effective company, we can adapt more easily to changes in building design and construction, as well as look at some of the new and exciting developments globally that we could pioneer locally.



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